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Kiwi Brian's Honey
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Iron Springs

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KIWI BRIAN’S HONEY near Coaldale AB, (94056 H845), is seeking employees for the 2018 season. Apiary Supervisors Noc: 8431 (4 positions; starting at $14.80-$20.00/hr) and Apiary General Farm Workers Noc: 8431 (10 positions; starting at $13.80-17.00/hr) and General Farm Laborers (3 Positions; starting at $13.80-15.80/hr) needed full time (45+ hrs/wk) from March 1 2018 up until November 16 2018. Some evening,night and weekend work will be required. Accommodations are available.

 All applicants must be willing to work with both leafcutter and honeybees, be in good physical condition, and work in a team environment. Having a valid driver’s license and the ability to speak English will be considered an asset.

The Apiary Supervisors must have a minimum of 3 seasons of full time experience in a commercial apiary, have the ability to supervise/train staff, have knowledge in commercial hive management for pollination, honey production and disease diagnosis.

Apiary General Farm Workers must have a minimum of 1 season full time experience in a commercial apiary, and have basic knowledge to assist beekeepers with bee hive management, building and repairing bee equipment, placement/pick-up of pollination equipment, and honey harvest /extraction/processing.

Apiary General Farm Laborers do not require any experience but must want to work with bees, be in good physical condition and have the ability to work in hot, sweaty, fast paced environment.

All wages are negotiable based on knowledge/experience and will meet NOC requirements at minimum.

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