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Strathmore Times: Prospect offers employment support

From edition: June 29 2018 Strathmore Times

By Adelle Ellis, Times Reporter

Prospect Wheatland Employment Services held an open house on June 20 at their Strathmore Office located in the Strathmore Centre. Attendees, including community and social services organizations, Government of Alberta representatives, Town of Strathmore council members and others enjoyed networking opportunities and several addresses regarding the work Prospect will be completing within Strathmore.

Career and employment information service provider Prospect Human Services opened their doors on June 20 to help build positive working relationships with government bodies, businesses and employers as well as community partners within Strathmore and Wheatland County.

Prospect now has seven locations in Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton, Airdrie and Cochrane, and now Strathmore, operating under the name Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services. Services include resumé support, interview preparation, career advising, helping with job searches and placement support.

At their location in Strathmore Centre (the old Calgary Co-op grocery store), Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services offers job postings, access to computers, and access to career councillors and advisors who can help individuals and employers.
“A lot of our work, maybe more than half of our work, is with employers of industry. We have workforce advisors which is almost a consultant tool to business,” said Alexi Davis, director of employment services. “Some of the work we do is helping employers internally take a look at their hiring retention practices, policies and culture, and evaluate if they have some barriers to tapping into talent that is out there.

Along with working with businesses and providing an access tool for individuals looking for employment, Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services also offers 18 specific workshops. Examples include Leadership, Social Media Presence and Networking, and Work Search Strategies, Resumé Development, Advanced Interview Practice/Techniques, and LinkedIn and Social Media.
As career and employment services are contracted through the government of Alberta, all services offered by Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services is completely free to those who use it.

“It’s government of Alberta-funded services so it’s their investment into supporting a strong, healthy operating economy for job seekers, employees and employers, so there is no cost for our services,” said Davis.

Along with offering employment services, Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services representatives and employees also plan to fully immerse themselves in the community through representation by joining some of the local councils and committees, and by participating actively in the community.

“Our doors are always open (and) we are always out looking with the business community; what are their needs and how can we support them in recruiting or in their messaging or whatever it is that they need? We’re there to support them. We have some unique elements of how we engage employers which benefits everybody,” said Davis.

Since they opened their doors May 1, Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services has helped a total of 215 individuals from Strathmore and Wheatland County.

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