Community Partners

Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services has built many collaborative partnerships in various Wheatland and Rocky View Communities. In alignment with the government’s vision to improve quality of life for Albertans, Rocky View and Wheatland Employment Services actively strives in building these partnerships to be able to strengthen our communities.

Due to the fact that our clients’ demographic is so broad, we must ensure that we are actively participating in various committees as well as building strong and meaningful partnerships to be well-position to offer a wide range of resources to any Albertan who is in need of further resources within the Rocky View and Wheatland regions.

These valued partnerships enhance our services and it allows us to listen to the needs of each community. From Job and Career Fairs, to Youth Job Fairs and Workshops at local schools or local youth clubs, Rocky View and Wheatland Employment strives each and every day to provide holistic and professional services to those we serve.

Some of our partners include:


  • Addiction and Mental Health Strathmore
  • Growing Opportunities
  • Bow Valley College
  • Wood’s Homes
  • Victim Services Society Link
  • Strathmore Shelter
  • Youth Club of Strathmore


  • Airdrie Resource Council & FCSS
  • Airdrie Economic Development
  • Airdrie Chambers of Commerce
  • North Rocky View Community Links
  • Bow Valley College (Airdrie Campus)
  • Airdrie Food Bank
  • Boys & Girls Club of Airdrie
  • Airdrie Public Library
  • Rocky View Schools
  • AB Works Office (Airdrie)
  • Airdrie Mental Health
  • CCIS – Rocky View Immigrant Services
  • Welcoming Airdrie
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • Airdrie Counselling
  • Volunteer Airdrie


  • Cochrane Chamber of Commerce
  • Boys & Girls Club of Cochrane
  • FCSS
  • Cochrane Immigrant Services Committee
  • Bow Valley College.
  • Cochrane Nan Boothby Public Library
  • Cochrane Economic Development
  • Cochrane Addiction & Mental Health


  • Rocky View County Economic Development
  • Crossfield Public Library
  • Beiseker Community Links
  • Irricana Public Library